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fade-leftfade-rightTop 10 Reasons to Book Andrew For Your Event:

  • Easy to work with
  • Fast to respond
  • Reliable
  • Clean humor that everyone can enjoy
  • Credibility from authoring / co-author 9 best-selling books
  • Provides case studies and compelling true stories
  • Engaging and interactive, not another 'sermon'!
  • Tailored presentations to suit the needs of the audience
  • Practical content that the audience can use immediately
  • Visual PowerPoint (minimal text for maximum impact)

Andrew is a fun, entertaining, humorous speaker who also happens to be a world-class expert in marketing.  You can’t go wrong hiring him for your event, he excels every time.  Our audiences are always delighted by his presentations.

T Harv Eker
T Harv Eker #1 NY Times bestselling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Andrew is simply the best of the best.  He has a unique British charm combined with an encyclopedic knowledge of marketing. He engages every audience within his first few words, and he manages to simplify even the most advanced business strategies, with stories and anecdotes liberally sprinkled in along the way.

Chris Farrell
Chris Farrell Entrepreneur

Andrew Lock was voted the best speaker at my event, where he covered the topic of membership sites.  He always mixes fun and content to create a compelling presentation.

James Schramko
James Schramko Superfast Business

Your clients will THANK YOU for hiring British born presenter Andrew Lock.  With a relevant, practical, and very funny presentation style, Andrew entertains and transforms audiences worldwide.

Andrew’s entrepreneurial journey started by studying Walt Disney’s life, and he has since grown and sold multiple successful businesses, and now helps others build a better business.

Andrew doesn't deliver "speeches".  He tailors every experience to the needs of the audience, using riveting stories, practical advice, dry British humor, and a warm, approachable manner.

Andrew delivers the goods both on and off stage. Audiences around the world consistently rate Andrew as their "favorite speaker" and “the highlight” of the event.

The "diva" stories surrounding some speakers are the stuff of legend!  By contrast, you'll find Andrew to be a delight to work with.  He'll work with you to make the entire experience seamless and fun.

One of Andrew's unique abilities is to transform complicated topics into simple, easy to understand soundbites.  More than that, he focuses on practical application, so the audience will leave knowing exactly what to do next.

Andrew never delivers a “canned” speech.  Every presentation is a customized experience for the audience, based on the topic and their needs.   He will work with you to create a program that works perfectly for your event.


Sample Topics / Themes:

"What Would Walt Do?” - 7 Disney Secrets for Delighting Your Clients & Customers!
This presentation provides both inspiration and practical strategies for imitating the success of Walt Disney in the areas of customer service, sales, and marketing.

“BIG Lessons from BIG Brands” – 7 Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid
This presentation gives real world examples of business building marketing strategies that were first created by big corporations, and can be modeled by any business.

“How to Turn Your Business Dream into Your Dream Business”
This presentation is designed for small business owners, to provide them with a structure for building a better business.

Andrew Lock - Bio

Andrew is often referred to as the "Yoda of Marketing".  Not because he's green with pointy ears, but because of his enormous scope of his marketing knowledge.

As a young lad growing up in the South of England, Andrew was called into the headmaster (principals) office one day.  Dreading what he had "done wrong", he was relieved to instead be awarded the top of the year award for "Best Business Studies Student"!

That was the genesis of his marketing career. Going on to work in the entertainment industry, Andrew became the personal manager of the "Johnny Carson" of England - Paul Daniels - who had a career on prime-time BBC spanning more than 17 years.

Following that, Andrew moved to the USA, where he developed the popular WebTV show, "Help My Business!" which became the most watched marketing show for entrepreneurs.  As a result of being mentored by marketing legends such as Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham, Andrew exposes traditional marketing techniques as outdated and ineffective.

Andrew coined the phrase: ‘marketing is everything and everything is marketing’ to describe the importance of marketing in every business.

Andrew's expertise in business building covers the areas of advertising, marketing, outsourcing, e-commerce, and customer service.

Andrew's savvy marketing expertise has added literally millions of dollars to the bottom line of countless businesses globally.  He’s considered one of the finest speakers in the world on the topic of marketing, and he has shared the stage with Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Seth Godin, The Dali Lama, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Tony Hsieh from Zappos, and many other thought leaders.

Andrew has authored and co-authored a total of 10 books:

“BIG Lessons from BIG Brands”
“Out Front – Business Building Strategies from the Front Line”
“eBay Exposed!”
“7 Unconventional Ways to Profit from eBay”
“How to Shoot, Edit & Distribute HDV”

Andrew is co-author of the following books:

“The Phenomenon” with Dan Kennedy
"The Worst Case Business Survival Guide” with Mark Joyner
“Mastering the Art of Success” with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Brown
"The Next Big Thing" with a group of thought leaders
"The All In Principle" with T Harv Eker & Alex Mandossian

For availability and details about booking Andrew for a speaking engagement, email: speaking@helpmybusiness.com or call 385 200 0991 (MDT)